People usually think that using the favorite mouthwash is the answer to bad breath. Though used often, these breath fresheners only cover up the real problem. So, it would be good to know what causes it. Alcohol and cigarettes are the usual reasons. Studies have always thought of the main cause might exist on the tongue.

Now to prevent this, a rubber tipped toothbrush can help. Aside from cleaning the gums and teeth, the rubber pick or tip can help clean the hidden parts and back of the mouth (near the base of tongue and tonsils). Food tends to collect in these areas which may cause bad breath. Another device is the Water Pik-type which can also do the same function.

Another tip is by using the ever reliable drinking water as mouthwash. According to experts that after a meal or drink, water can act as a freshener and plaque remover, thus preventing not only bad breath but tooth and gum disease as well. Water indeed is useful, isn’t it?

If bad breath persists and the person does not smoke with all probable medical conditions like respiratory or gastrointestinal tract problems, intake of medicines, gingival and dental problems ruled out, it is advised to follow these tips. Dentists advise on using the intermittent use of regular mouthwash and maintenance of good hygiene by regular brushing, dental floss and in addition, thorough brushing of tongue.

It was investigated that brushing the teeth and tongue, and then followed by using mouthwash every after morning and evening meals diminished bad breath. Here are the helpful steps. First is to brush the teeth with toothpaste of choice and then dip the toothbrush in a glass with a mouthwash with 0.12% Chlorhexidine Gluconate. After doing so, brush the tongue and rinse with the same mouthwash for at least 1 minute. It is also advised to avoid food and beverage intake or even rinsing with water for about 30 minutes.

In cases of breath odors due to food intake, chewing parsley can be a good old remedy to soothe oral odor.

These are just some helpful tips that can be managed at home. Bad breath can arise from a long list of causes, where some may be simple while some may be a serious one. If these tips do not relieve a person of bad breath, it would be wise to settle an appointment with the dentist.