Do you want to get those pearly whites? Learn the basics of brushing the teeth so you would know how to whiten them the best way possible!

A charming smile can be very disarming. It can win hearts in an instant. And some people go to extra lengths just to get Julia Robert’s million dollar bright-white smile.

Our teeth are made up of enamel – the hardest tissue in the body – which is the outer layer, underneath of which lie the dentin and collagen. When light passes through the enamel, it is reflected by the dentin, giving our teeth the pearly white color.

Years of smoking, eating and drinking tea, coffee, and liquor can stain the teeth. These beverages contain colored molecules like polyphenols and tannins which attaches themselves to the surface of the enamel. Also, dark pigments in foods, like blueberries and cigarettes, stain the enamel. Although brushing regularly removes the pigment, these staining compounds are diffused into the dentin over time and could not be addressed by brushing alone. Aging and the antibiotic tetracycline can cause the graying when taken during the early years when enamel is yet to harden.

For those who consider teeth whitening, inform your dentist as to what you want to achieve. Your dentist will lay out the options available, explain the procedures, and list the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative. This will assist you in making an informed decision.

Some of the whitening treatments available nowadays include composite bonding, porcelain veneers, implants, and bleaching. However, the options do not end here. With the speedy development of technology, new processes seem to crop up from time to time. For an overview, one can check the Internet or ask your dentist.

After deciding on the procedure that will suit your budget and will help you achieve your aim, the dentist will start with a comprehensive medical history and teeth examination to ensure that all cavities will be filled up. Photos and x-rays may be taken. The next process would be determining the translucency and sensitivity of the teeth. The dentist might also give you tips to prepare yourself for the whitening procedure.

The speedy development in technology paved the way for the numerous options for those who aim for whiter teeth that will suit your objective and budget, thus making teeth whitening very popular.