Woman brushing her teeth

The mouth is one of the most important body parts as we used it in many functions such as eating, drinking, talking, singing, and many more. It is only vital then to take care of our mouth, including the teeth, gums, tongue, and jaw, in order to maintain a good oral hygiene.

Having good teeth is important, not only for one’s health but also for his confidence. This is true regardless of the age of a person. Having a good set of teeth makes it easier for one to eat good foods, which is essential to having a healthy body. Likewise, healthy teeth make one more confident to smile and laugh, making him appear more sociable and approachable to others.

Fighting Off Cavities

The common problems of the mouth and teeth which must be fought be everyone who still possesses natural teeth are tooth decay or cavities and gum diseases. Knowing how to avoid having these problems will pave the way for good oral health, and the first step to avoiding them is by understanding what causes them.

Tooth decay is the occurrence by which the enamel which covers and protects the teeth is ruined. Tooth decay or cavities are often caused by the development of dental plaque in the teeth. These are bacteria which form sticky and colorless film which, in turn, cling to the teeth. In addition, tooth decay can also be caused by gum diseases.

Dealing with Gum Diseases

Gum diseases, on the other hand, are infections which target the gums and the bones which hold the teeth. Gum diseases are also called periodontal or gingival diseases. One well known gum disease is gingivitis. This is a condition where tartar develops on the teeth, which is a hard covering caused by plaque which has already stayed on the teeth for a long time. Tartar is not cleared off by brushing, making them stay in the teeth unless they are treated. In gingivitis, tartar causes gums to become red and swollen, making them bleed more easily.

Gingivitis, if left untreated, can develop into a more complicated condition called periodontitis. This occurs when the tartar causes the gums to pull away from the teeth and form pockets which can get infected. This can later on cause the teeth to become loose which can fall off or will have to be removed.

Prevention Tips

To prevent tooth decay and gum disease, you must brush your teeth at least twice a day, preferably by using toothpaste with fluoride. Using a mouth rinse which contains fluoride can also be helpful.

Additionally, you should also floss once a day and regularly visit his dentist for checkup and cleaning. The dentist can, if necessary, provide an extensive fluoride treatment for people who have a problem with cavities. But how do you prevent an actual tooth loss on daily basis? Check out the solution in my article.

Lastly, good oral health can be maintained by eating a well-balanced diet and staying clear from tobacco products like cigarettes.